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How to Format an eBook

Jul 19,20

Preparing to publish a book? While it’s handy-dandy that Amazon’s KDP program let’s you simply upload a word document to the …

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4 Key Takeaways from Popular Writing Advice Books

Jul 16,20

We all know Pablo Picasso for his genius art. He started as an amateur, just like any of us. He …

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4 Work-From-Home Productivity Hacks

Jul 10,20

More and more companies are waking up to the new reality of remote work. A work-from-home job can be fun, …

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How to Decorate Your Home Office

Jul 9,20

Did you know that the design and aesthetics of your home office can do wonders to your productivity? If done …

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Start Here! Social Media Advice for Authors

Jun 29,20

Authors on social media often struggle in the beginning. Aside from the fact that self-promotion seems daunting and distasteful, you …

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Want More Books Sales? Focus on Fans First.

Jun 26,20

Want to learn the big secret? Watch the video below to learn how achieve your writerly dreams by attracting true fans rather than chasing after book sales.

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