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How to Self-Publish a Book for (almost) No Money

Jun 24,20by Kelsye

Thinking about self-publishing a book but worried about the cost? Very few of us have the resources to compete with …

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4 Ways to Get People to Notice Your Book

Do you ever wish more people would notice your book? In the very crowded market, it may feel impossible to …

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Should You Publish a Book?

Jun 22,20by Kelsye

Did you know that a New York Times survey found that 81% of Americans either plan to write a book …

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Stay Productive While Working From Home With These 5 Planners

Everyone dreams of cradling a warm cuppa joe and reporting to work in their pajamas. The relentless optimists amongst us …

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3 Things I Wish New Authors Knew About Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your first book is a thrilling, empowering process, but may also overwhelm or intimidate the unprepared. Once you’re through it the first time, you learn many valuable lessons that make the next one even easier.

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33 Freebies to Grow Your Email List

Want to know the best way to entice someone to join your email list? Offer a high-value, relentlessly helpful or …

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