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How to Market Your Book Offline

Does offline marketing still work? You bet! With hundreds of thousands of books crowding out advertising space, marketing your book …

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WEBINAR: Authors Who Transformed Bummers to Bestsellers

WEBINAR: Authors Who Transformed Bummers to Bestsellers (Ideas You Can Steal) Friday, Feb. 11 @ 10am PT (2pm ET / …

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Writing Software for Authors to Use Instead of MS Word

MS Word has dominated the writing world for the past few decades, with its many features and affordable pricing. But …

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Artistic Struggles While Working Within the Confines of a Seller’s Market

Working within the confines of selling our work has the potential to crush our artistic souls if we allow it …

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How to Choose the Right Format for Your Book

Book formatting is the process of dictating how your book will look like once it is in print or in …

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Should Artists Produce Constantly Without a Break?

Jason Brandt Schaefer is a novelist, artist, and songwriter living in Boulder, CO. He is the founder of Empathic Editors …

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