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WEBINAR: Improve Your Book Launch with Pre-Sales & Bundles

WEBINAR: Improve Your Book Launch with Pre-Sales & Bundles Gutsy Creatives founder Kelsye Nelson shows you how to knock your …

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3 Ways to Learn Basic SEO From Scratch

If you’ve ever considered starting your own blog (and we have often talked about its importance for authors), then the …

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Small Press Publishing Part 1: The Benefits and Risks

We have often talked about the three types of publishing: Traditional, Indie, and Hybrid, but rarely about small press publishing. …

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How to Get More Exposure for Your Work As An Artist

Are you an artist looking for ways to get more exposure for your work? If so, you’re in luck! In …

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How To Prioritize Self-Care Even When You Think You’re Too Busy with Your Side Hustle

Taking care of oneself can become more of an afterthought than a priority, especially when you’re too busy with your …

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17 Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Ideas for Authors & Artists

Blogging is a great way to get your work out there and attract new readers or fans. But sometimes it …

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