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4 Websites for Authors to Use While Writing

Often, in the midst of a writing spree, we tend to forget words for mundane incidents and objects. We struggle …

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What Makes Writing a Revolutionary Act

S. Evan Stubblefield is a fiction writer, developmental editor, and English professor from California. An Elizabeth George Grant recipient, she …

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How to Reclaim Your Identity as A Writer

How can one claim to be a writer and not be writing? Elizabeth Peterson is a novelist, editor, and professor. …

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Why Public Speaking Skills Are Important for Authors

Nearly every author’s greatest fear is speaking in front of an audience. Most authors are introverts, preferring to spend every …

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Two Young Poets Talk About the Struggles of Being a Science Writer

In our article, How Writers Help to Reimagine the World of Science, we discussed the relationship between science and the …

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Confronting the Stereotypes of the Struggling Writer

Confronting the Stereotypes of the Struggling Writer Who Must “Suffer for Their Work” As writers and artists, we are under …

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