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Course Curriculum

Start here! 00:00:00
Week One: Prepare Your Manuscript (Editing)
Introduction Survey 00:10:00
BEFORE you publish 00:25:00
Writing and Self-Editing 00:25:00
Types of Editing 00:08:00
Working with an Editor 00:25:00
Prepare Your Manuscript 00:05:00
Week Two: Pick Your Platform
Publishing Platforms: What to Consider 00:10:00
Publishing on Amazon: Overview 00:06:00
CreateSpace: Amazon Print-on-Demand 00:00:00
Publish Platform Tutorials 00:00:00
Week Three: Build Your book (Interior and cover design)
Build Your Book 00:00:00
Week Four: Book Reviews and Launch
Book Reviews and Launch 00:00:00
BONUS WEEK: Marketing
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