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This value-packed course focuses in on exactly what you need to know when self-publishing your book on Amazon.

Primary learning outcomes:

  • Learn how the CreateSpace / Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) merger means for indie authors – especially if you already have print books published via CreateSpace.
  • Gain a succinct understanding of exactly what you need to do to self-publish your next book on Amazon.

Amazon recently shock of the independent publishing world by announcing the closure of their print-on-demand self-publishing service – CreateSpace. Now, all independently books published directly on Amazon must go through Kindle Direct Publishing – regardless of book format.

What does this mean for you? For one, If you’ve already published print books on Amazon, you’ll soon no longer be able to modify your existing titles or upload new books on CreateSpace. Amazon is also reporting impacts on author payment schedules, printing fees and distribution options.

This merger brings up a lot questions for indie authors! You might be wondering:

  • Should I move my print books now, or wait for Amazon to do it for me?
  • Will my royalties go up or down?
  • Will I still be paid every 30 days?
  • Will I lose my sales ranking or reviews?
  • Can I ignore this, or do I have to do something to make sure my books remain on Amazon?
  • Will KDP print books match the quality of CreateSpace?
  • Is this going to mess up my fall book launch?!

You’ll uncover the answers to all these questions and more in this special mini-class.

If you have books publishing on CreateSpace right now, you’ll not only learn how this change impacts your books and royalties, but also see what you can do to smoothly move your print titles and customize your production and distribution selections to suit your needs.

If you don’t have books published yet, but plan to in the future, this is also a must-watch class for you. You will also see a walkthrough of the updated KDP dashboard and gain tips on how to optimize your book settings on Amazon. You’ll see exactly what you need to do to upload your NEXT print book on Amazon.

BONUS: All students get access to private Q&A session with the Instructor, Kelsye Nelson, so that you can ask questions related to your books in particular.

You can watch any time that works for you. Your access does not expire.

IMPORTANT: If you are already registered in our How to Self-Publish Your First Book course, you’ll be gifted free access to the class the instant it launches. No need to pay for a ticket!




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  1. Timely


    Thanks again Kelsye. This helped me move my books over.

  2. Nice behind the scenes videos


    Lots of information, plus videos that detail the process of transferring books from CreateSpace to KDP. Turns out it isn’t so difficult, but still glad I got all the information I needed – especially about KDP Select and royalty payments.

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