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Boost book sales and earnings without wasting money on ads or spending precious time on worthless marketing!

Book marketing and publishing services at your command.

Book Publishing

All the assistance you need to complete your manuscript, design your book and publish on multiple platforms at a professional level.

Book Launch

Give your book the best chance possible for a successful launch. Reach the people who need your book and achieve your sales goals.

Author Platform & Marketing

Your author platform holds the key to your ability to reach readers. Improve your visibility, authority and audience reach.

Business & Revenue Growth

Identify and develop your revenue opportunities so that you may reach your earning goals and continuing doing the work you love best.

“Your book deserves a proven promotion strategy to reach the largest audience possible. You’ve worked hard to write the best book possible? Let’s work together to craft a powerful book launch strategy and publish and promote your work at the highest level possible.”

– Kelsye Nelson, Gutsy Creatives Founder

Kelsye Nelson

How can we help you?

When you work with Gutsy Creatives, you gain a team of experienced professionals focused on achieving your publication goals. You may choose to work directly with Kelsye on marketing strategy and launch publications. To get the work done, we have a number of editors, designers, media outreach specialists and more available to assist as needed.

Bundled Services

Book Production & Publication
Complete book production including print layout, ebook formatting, cover and jacket design. ISBN, library of congress number and metadata. Publication and distribution online and to major book buyers.

Promotion Strategy & 3-Month Tactical Roadmap
Step-by-step roadmap for optimized 3-month promotion, including books reviews, paid and free advertising, lead magnets and marketing automation, list building, Amazon optimization. Detailed strategy for high-impact book (re)launch.

Asset Design and Funnel Automation
Use content created with authors and promotion team to create approved campaign assets such as lead magnets, digital downloads, and web media and ad visuals. Create fully-automated marketing funnels focused on conversion.

Campaign Management and Technical Assistance
Management of ad campaigns and technical web and publishing platform assistance as required by approved strategy and promotion roadmap.

A La Carte Strategy, Publishing and Marketing Services

Hourly Consulting
Hourly consulting with Kelsye as-needed to assist with strategy, adverting campaigns and marketing execution.

Social Media Training
Upgrade your social media presence and make a big impact on your audience reach and book sales. Attend two private skype sessions (or in-person meetings) and learn proven strategies and tools for growing your tribe and selling your books through social media.

Author Website Optimization
You already have a website, it just isn’t working for you the way you’d like. Receive a detailed review of your current site with a plan to optimize for your conversion goals. Includes up to 5 hours of direct technical work.

Publishing Roadmap
Step-by-step plan for optimized publishing on multiple platforms.

Launch Strategy
Detailed strategy for high-impact book launch.

Book Production & Publication
Full-service book production, with optimized publishing and listings. Includes print and ebook design, cover design, ISBNs and direct publishing on the platforms of your choice.

PCP Advertising Management
Create and manage paid advertising campaigns on channels such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc.

Quick Start Platform Development
Simple book launch web site and single automated marketing funnel.

Full Platform Development
Author web site, social media channel creations and branding, multiple marketing funnels.

PR / Influencer campaign
Media and influencer messaging development and outreach across multiple channels.

Book Review and Beta Reader Campaign
Acquisition of beta readers and management of book review campaign.

Book Production & Publication
Complete book production including print layout, ebook formatting, cover and jacket design. ISBN, library of congress number and metadata. Publication and distribution online and to major book buyers.

Developmental Edit of Manuscript
Prepare your manuscript for publication with a developmental edit.

Publication Readiness Manuscript Review
High level review of your manuscript to determine publication readiness.

Book Proposal Template & Guidance
DIY with input and review. Includes book proposal template, guidance via email and draft review. Includes 2 rounds of proposal reviews with detailed notes and up to 3 hours of direct consulting calls.

Full Service Book Proposal Creation
Book proposal co-writing with additional assistance including: high-level manuscript review, publisher/agent research, sample chapter design mock-up. Milestone-based flat rate includes all direct consulting and production hours.

Prefer to DIY?

Take a look at our self-serve online course offerings. Learn how to self-publish your book and build your author platform. New courses coming soon!

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