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This is an online class specially designed to help you improve your online presence, build audience and convert followers to readers. Course includes 40+ video lessons, monthly webinars, monthly coaching calls, weekly task lists and direct email support.


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Did you know that Americans buy an average of 18 books a year? Those with digital readers (like Kindles and Nooks) buy 24 books a year! Even though the book market is painfully crowded, there is an audience for your books. You can reach millions of potential readers online. But it’s not always simple to understand exactly how to find your readers, or how to get them to notice you in all the noise.

Do you struggle to turn online followers into real life readers? 
You need a proven strategy for converting followers to real-life fans.

Do you feel overwhelmed with possibilities, but don’t know where to start?
You need a clear step-by-step guide for effective online marketing. 

Do you know there are readers out there that would love your books, but you can’t seem to find them!
You need a model of success to follow.

With a sound online strategy and the right tools and practices in place, you can build up an audience of real-life fans. These fans will read your work, buy your books and support your creative career. You’ll free up time and focus to get back to writing – which is what you love to do, right?!


This is an online class specially designed to help you improve your online presence, build audience and convert followers to readers.  The program is divided into four section:

Start Right (strategy) – Set your goals, define your audience, refine your messaging and set yourself up for success.

Build Homebase (website) – All you need to know to create an effective website, complete with compelling author biography and beautiful branding.

Amplify and Scale (reach) –  Get your writing out into the world! Classes focus on blogging, social media, PR and advertising.

Sustain and Grow (profit) – Crucial for building a profitable career, this section teaches you how to design and implement a fool-proof marketing strategy that not only gets attention, but also closes sales.


If you have been falling short of your book sale goals, this course will help you attract more readers and achieve great sales numbers by providing a wealth of valuable insights and proven tactics. It doesn’t matter if you self-published or went with a traditional publisher. You will benefit from growing your author platform.

  • If you feel like a beginner, you’ll find the step-by-step instruction lists and detailed demo videos easy to understand and follow.
  • If you are ready to move beyond the basic and really scale your audience, you’ll appreciate the advanced tactical offerings and real-life campaign case studies.

You can race through the program in 12 weeks, or take as long as you wish. Your access to the program never expires

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