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Book marketing doesn’t need to be so painful.

It’s funny, but also not funny, right? You’ve probably tried so many things already with disappointing results. Maybe you’ve learned about social media and spend hours on Twitter or Facebook without seeing any actual impact on book sales. Perhaps you’ve been dutifully blogging, but your website visitor count makes you wonder if anyone is even reading your posts. You may have even run some free book promotions and experienced the thrill of seeing your book rise on the charts, only to have it plummet back into oblivion the day after the promotion ends.

Hey, it’s tough to figure out book marketing on your own!

You are already doing so much right. You are taking responsibility for the success of your books and seeking out knowledge and information. It might not feel like it, but this puts you far ahead of the crowd!

This online course will show you exactly why your past marketing efforts failed and, more importantly, what you can do to attract thousands of authentic fans.

What will be different this time around? Instead of focusing on one-time promotions or endless content generation, you’ll build a tribe captivated by what you create when you are doing what you truly love.  

This may sound difficult – and I’m not going to kid you – it certainly can be if you aren’t willing to learn about what your readers really want from you and spend time reaching out and engaging with fans. Luckily, new online platforms and technologies now make it possible for you to share your work with a limitless global audience without spending all your time on the computer, or all your money on advertising.  

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  1. Helpful and unexpected


    This is the second course I’ve taken from Kelsye. I was really surprised by some of the lessons, but I must admit that the methods she teaches are effective. I just released my first romance book this week. I am a nobody author, but I already have 22 reviews and a good amount of sales. Plus, now I have a growing email list as well. This is a good course for those of us just starting out.

  2. Fantastic


    Learned so much. Lessons are fun.

  3. Great course! Helped me on my way.


    I truly enjoyed this course. The lessons about making it EASY for casual readers to become true fans was particularly helpful. I hope Kelsye continues to update the course as I plan to revisit the material for my next book launch.

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