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Opportunities for Writers in the Video Game Industry

Content is currency, and writers are welcome everywhere. If you’re a writer who grew up with a penchant for video …

Claim your free pass to the AWP conference!

We’re giving away 2 free passes to the AWP conference! The AWP Conference & Bookfair is the annual destination for writers, teachers, …

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Self-publishing has come a long way, but is it a good solution for authors with high expectations? How do self-published …

How to Promote a Blog Without Spending Any Money

The pandemic has sent internet usage through the roof. Meaning; your readers are only a few clicks away from your …

ProBlogger’s Top Five Posts About Monetizing Your Blog

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Tips for Writing a Non-Fiction Book Title that Sells

Nothing can beat the joy of watching years of passion and toil finally manifest as a complete book. However, what …

Four Reasons Why I Ignored Your Guest Blog Post Pitch

It is a commonly accepted practice that the first step in guest blogging is to send as many cold pitches …

Start Here! Social Media Advice for Authors

Authors on social media often struggle in the beginning. Aside from the fact that self-promotion seems daunting and distasteful, you …

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