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The Importance of Being A Podcast Guest As An Author

Writers are mostly introverts, preferring to type away at their laptop screens in the solitude of their own homes than …

Amazon Pre-Orders: Everything You Need to Know

A successful pre-order campaign can make or break the reputation and sales of your book. Especially for new authors who …

Hosting Online Book Events for Maximum Engagement

Online book launches, once the pandemic struck, became much more convenient to organize and host, while also giving the opportunity …

Guest Blogging: The Secret to Finding New Email Subscribers

We’ve often talked about the importance of maintaining an author website and building an email list to be able to …

What are “Subscriber Magnets” and Why You Need Them

The success of your email campaign depends upon how many subscribers actually open your emails. In order to build an …

5 Simple Tools for Beautiful Book Mock-ups

Want to create stellar book mockups but worried about your lack of web design skills? That’s the story of every …

Conquering the Fears of Self-Promotion

The fear of promoting yourself can sometimes be crippling. How often have you held back from sharing that glowing review …

These 4 Mistakes Will Plummet Your Book Sales!

Selling a book is hard. As is widely accepted, it is a tiring and time consuming process that has no …

Should You Hire a Publicist?

Planning the launch of your book? Hiring a publicist can be expensive. It can cost you anywhere between $8,000 to …

4 Lessons From Failed Book Launches

Sometimes, no matter how well you think you did everything that was required of you, your book might still not …

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