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Four Reasons Why I Ignored Your Guest Blog Post Pitch

It is a commonly accepted practice that the first step in guest blogging is to send as many cold pitches …

Start Here! Social Media Advice for Authors

Authors on social media often struggle in the beginning. Aside from the fact that self-promotion seems daunting and distasteful, you …

Want More Books Sales? Focus on Fans First.

Want to learn the big secret? Watch the video below to learn how achieve your writerly dreams by attracting true fans rather than chasing after book sales.

4 Ways to Get People to Notice Your Book

Do you ever wish more people would notice your book? In the very crowded market, it may feel impossible to …

3 Things I Wish New Authors Knew About Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your first book is a thrilling, empowering process, but may also overwhelm or intimidate the unprepared. Once you’re through it the first time, you learn many valuable lessons that make the next one even easier.

33 Freebies to Grow Your Email List

Want to know the best way to entice someone to join your email list? Offer a high-value, relentlessly helpful or …

Twitter Tips: The Golden Rule of Social Media Self-Promotion

Want to avoid irritating the crap out of your Twitter followers, but still need to make sure the time you …

10 Tips for Selling Books on Twitter

First, let me be clear. You are not going to sell a lot of books on Twitter alone. Unless you have …

4 Podcasts About Self-Publishing

Why are podcasts a great way to learn about self-publishing? Because the podcasters themselves are big names in the self-publishing …

How to Get More Traffic on Your Blog – The Basics of SEO for Bloggers

Have you been wondering how to get more people to visit your blog? It is not as difficult as the …

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