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Tips for Starting Your First Blog

Congratulations! Starting your first blog is a giant leap of faith. When our founder Kelsye Nelson started her first blog, …

How to Promote Your Book with Kindle Countdown Deals

Kindle Countdown Deals are the holy grail of promotion tools for authors. It’s free, and it works! What more could …

Are Self-Published Books as Good as Traditionally Published Books?

Self-publishing has come a long way, but is it a good solution for authors with high expectations? How do self-published …

How to Promote a Blog Without Spending Any Money

The pandemic has sent internet usage through the roof. Meaning; your readers are only a few clicks away from your …

ProBlogger’s Top Five Posts About Monetizing Your Blog

Darren Rowse is an Australian blogger, well-known in blogging circles for his million-dollar revenue streams. He founded ProBlogger in 2004 …

Tips for Writing a Non-Fiction Book Title that Sells

Nothing can beat the joy of watching years of passion and toil finally manifest as a complete book. However, what …

Four Reasons Why I Ignored Your Guest Blog Post Pitch

It is a commonly accepted practice that the first step in guest blogging is to send as many cold pitches …

Start Here! Social Media Advice for Authors

Authors on social media often struggle in the beginning. Aside from the fact that self-promotion seems daunting and distasteful, you …

Want More Books Sales? Focus on Fans First.

Want to learn the big secret? Watch the video below to learn how achieve your writerly dreams by attracting true fans rather than chasing after book sales.

4 Ways to Get People to Notice Your Book

Do you ever wish more people would notice your book? In the very crowded market, it may feel impossible to …

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