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Why Blogging is Important for New Writers

Writing, like most other things, has become a business. In fact, with the sheer number of books being published annually worldwide, it would be nearly impossible to get discovered by your target audience without implementing a proper marketing strategy before and after your book is published. Creating and maintaining a blog/website should be a part of this marketing strategy. 

But why? How does a blog help you in finding potential buyers? What role does it play in building your fanbase? But, most of all, how does blogging help you as a writer?

Here are some reasons that will compel you to start blogging today, if you haven’t already!

1. Helps Build a Writing Routine

Blogging can be a great way to cultivate a writing discipline. If you’re struggling with writing your novels, documenting your life or even writing about random topics can ease your writer’s block. The more words you put out, the more your creativity is polished — and the more content you create.

Even if you hate sticking to a schedule, a writing routine can come as a relief. You no longer have to stress over looming deadlines and wasted time. Blogging, with a grammar checker like Grammarly or ProWritingAid installed, can help you improve your writing skills. You get to see the mistakes you make and compare your daily writing progress with others.

2. You Can Attract Readers and Book-Buyers

When you continue to put out new content, you automatically attract readers. You can establish connections with like-minded people, and have their immediate feedback for your posts. Make sure to link to sales pages and reviews on your main page, so readers can easily buy your book.

“The author platform is how you are currently reaching an audience of book-buying people, or how you plan to do so. It’s your influence, your ability to sell to your market. It is your multi-faceted book marketing machine,” says Joanna Penn, award-winning author and blogger (of The Creative Penn).

3. Gives You Credibility as an Author

Whenever book-buyers come across your book in online stores, they’re likely to always click on the author website link and look up what the author is known for, and read up on their earlier work. Having a blog as a landing page can boost your credibility, and give you authenticity.

When your website is active, it will also rise up Google’s search engine results. This will enable readers to find you easily.

4. You Can Keep in Touch With Readers

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your readers. By asking them to subscribe to your newsletter when they visit your website, you can build your email list and send them regular updates about new books you’re working on, webinars, events, etc. 

You can also include a page for behind-the-scenes, never-before-revealed tidbits of your novel-writing journey. All the bloopers of your book — like your cat sitting on your keyboard and writing its own novel over yours —and all the struggles of being a writer can be documented for readers to know what the reality of a writer is like. Not to discourage them, but to show them that you’re just as human as they are, and that it’s okay to sometimes simply not want to write.

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Sharika Hafeez

Sharika Hafeez is a nerd, and she’s proud of it. Growing up, she fell in love with books and writing, and is currently following her undergraduate degree (for some mysterious reasons) in Physics. She likes procrastinating by watching the stars with a steaming cup of tea, composing poetry in her head.

January 25, 2023

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