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3 Useful Writing Tools for Writers

Sep 15,20

Put on your writing hat and imagine yourself a potter (not the Hogwarts kind!). As a potter, you may first …

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Four Reasons Why I Ignored Your Guest Blog Post Pitch

Aug 31,20

It is a commonly accepted practice that the first step in guest blogging is to send as many cold pitches …

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Write a Better Novel with These Structuring Workbooks

Jul 20,20

Do yourself a favor. Buy copies of K. M. Weiland’s novel workbooks (Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel) and save yourself …

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How to Protect Your Privacy When Working from Home

Jul 20,20

Have hackers stolen your online credentials? Chances are excellent some are, since “we’ve discovered 15 billion-plus credentials” posted online, a …

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How to Format an eBook

Jul 19,20

Preparing to publish a book? While it’s handy-dandy that Amazon’s KDP program let’s you simply upload a word document to the …

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4 Key Takeaways from Popular Writing Advice Books

Jul 16,20

We all know Pablo Picasso for his genius art. He started as an amateur, just like any of us. He …

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