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4 Podcasts About Self-Publishing

Why are podcasts a great way to learn about self-publishing? Because the podcasters themselves are big names in the self-publishing industry. They record their own, as well as the experience of the high flyers’ in the industry, and offer them as freely downloadable digital audio files. You can plug your earphones in and go about listening to useful tips – without even leaving the couch.

The convenience podcasts offer is the biggest reason why they make a great educational tool. You don’t have to download each episode of your favorite self-publishing podcasts. All you need to do instead is to subscribe to the channel through your phone or computer. New episodes will automatically be downloaded and stored to be used at your own pace.

I have listed out 4 of the most popular and useful podcasts for authors. Sneak a peek.


  1. The Creative Penn Podcast


If you are having doubts about a career in self-publishing, Joanna Penn will convince you otherwise. She adapts a powerful, cheery tone that makes the listener feel connected at a personal level. The episodes based on interviews with famous, award-winning authors like Orna Ross are one of the many reasons for recommending this series of podcasts. They share the first-hand experiences of their successes and, most importantly, their failures. She also has episodes for short-story writers on how their stories can be converted it into an income source. If you are dreaming of becoming an authorpreneur, then you too, will find episodes that will help you take a big leap in your career.


  1. Goins Writer


How to Sell 1,000 Copies of Your Self-Published Book in Two Weeks and How to Launch a Book Without a Platform are episodes of Goins Writer that are definitely not worth missing. Jeff Goins is not only a podcaster, but also an award-winning author, successful blogger and many things. Subscribing to his podcast will directly connect you to a series of interesting episodes and useful tips to self-publish your book. He also has run interviews with established people who will help you think out of the box. He has some off-the-topic episodes too, such as the How to Go on Vacation for 3 Months Every Year, that are still helpful for authors who never seem to have enough time for a break.


  1. Kindlepreneur


Kindlepreneur is gaining popularity by the day mainly because of its in-depth episodes. Dave Chesson, the podcaster, talks solely about book marketing. Each episode is based on one particular marketing tool from the ground up in such a way that the listener can try it out for himself right away. He even shares ideas on setting up a book publishing company, not only for yourself but also for others. The episode on tailoring your book for a specific market looking for your content is a must-listen. His success stories, and case studies will renew your hopes on being a self-publisher.


  1. Self Publishing School Podcast


If you want tips not only to become a self-publisher, but also to write a book worth publishing, then the Self Publishing School Podcast is a great place to get started. The show quite lives up to its name of a school, by teaching the basics in a student-friendly way. You might find the episode on How to Write a Book really helpful, specially if you have problems penning down the hundreds of ideas circling your mind. Also, if you have your mind set on self-publishing a book in 2018, then you could find the latest techniques if you subscribe to this show.

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March 1, 2020

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