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4 Websites with Tips and Strategies for Indie Authors

From cover designing to editing to marketing, the tasks of an indie author are never-ending. Turning to the internet for help can often be overwhelming. You need to know how to design your book ads and posters, how to format your manuscript, how to edit your book or find a professional editor, how to price your book, how to market it, and a million other things that you’ve probably never heard of before you decided to self-publish.

There are thousands of blog posts on a single topic on the internet, and the advice offered by different writers are often contradictory, sometimes even being impractical and faulty.

In this post, we have included a list of trusted blogs that offer advice, tips and tricks for indie authors on a variety of topics.

1. Gutsy Blog

Starting off with our very own blog, Gutsy — we are dedicated to aiding indie authors. We cover a wide range of topics like self-publishing, marketing, promoting, book ad and cover designing, and writing, while also providing useful tips to being organised and consistent as an author. But, more importantly, we also focus on posts for indie authors to get back on their feet after a low-selling book.

Gutsy Creatives’ Founder, Kelsye Nelson, also has a variety of online courses for authors — from self-publishing your first book to online marketing, helping you to increase your online presence, build an audience and convert followers and subscribers to hardcore fans.

2. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a website dedicated for authors — whether you’re an amateur or veteran author, if you need advice in terms of  creativity, marketing or designing, check out this blog. It’s run by Joanna Penn, New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller (indie) author, having sold over a million books across 169 countries and 5 languages.

This is where she has been sharing her writing and publishing experiences since 2008. She also often talks about ways to convert your writing into podcasts, courses, videos, and other content, helping you create different sources of passive income. 

“I self-published my first non-fiction book in early 2008 and made a lot of mistakes along the way… I started this site to share my experiences and hopefully save other people the money, time and heartache I went through,” she says.

She also has her own podcast, The Creative Penn Podcast, which has been downloaded over 5.6 million times across 220 countries.

3. Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors is run by M. Weiland, the award-winning and internationally acclaimed author of several writing guides and the historical adventure novel Storming.” Her blog starts from the ABCs of novel writing — from outlining your novel to story structures to character arcs. But that’s not all.

She also has a bi-monthly newsletter for subscribers to receive news, updates, inspiring quotes, handy resources, exclusive how-to content, creativity exercises, and an interactive Q&A feature. When you sign up, you will also receive her free ebook, Crafting Unforgettable Characters.

4. Self-Publishing Advice

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi for short) is “a nonprofit membership association for independent authors, working with authors, publishing services and author organisations, and advocate for indie authors within the literary, publishing and creative industries.”

ALLi also helps authors discover their potential, reach more readers, licence publishing rights, and gives you access to private forums, discounts, guidebooks, literary agents, etc. Their blog, Self-Publishing Advice, is not only a center for tips and guidelines for indie authors but is also a source of the latest news within the self-publishing community.

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Sharika Hafeez

Sharika Hafeez is a nerd, and she’s proud of it. Growing up, she fell in love with books and writing, and is currently following her undergraduate degree (for some mysterious reasons) in Physics. She likes procrastinating by watching the stars with a steaming cup of tea, composing poetry in her head.

August 24, 2022

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