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5 Creative Writing Prompts

We all have days when our creative reserves run dry. On such days, the key is to reignite your creativity before it gets as far as drying up your ink.

So, what are you waiting for? Beckon the resilient writer in you and get into the swing of things with these five Creative Writing Prompts!

1. A vacation on the Moon

If outer space intrigues you, envisioning the future of space travel can hold the power to transform your pen. This future is not distant, so your creativity and imagination won’t go in vain.

Hop on a space flight and tag your readers along to a vacation on the moon!

2. A baby kangaroo trapped between two raging wildfires

Nothing sticks like tragedy. It is one of the few universal ways you can conceptualize and stir powerful emotions in your readers. A baby kangaroo caught in Australian bushfires sounds like an ideal place to start. After all, we still haven’t forgotten Jack from the Titanic, have we?

3. The Deep Blue Kingdom

Only about 10% of the ocean is known to man. Let your imagination run wild on the rest. For all we know, there may already be a kingdom of mermaids in the Bermuda triangle!

4. Halloween Horror

Never underestimate the power of keeping readers on the edge of their seats with a hair-raising horror story. Think along the lines of a Halloween prank that backfires into a real horror.

We may not believe in ghosts, but we fear them anyway!

5. A Shocking Revelation

Remember that one time your college best friend confessed about dating your boyfriend behind your back? Of course you don’t, because it never happened! Should it stop you from playing the scene in your head and creating a juicy story readers can relate to? Of course not!

February 14, 2021

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