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5 Popular Writing Jobs

Looking for a job that uses your writing skills but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck! Writers are in great demand. Freelancing platforms such as Upwork alone display over 20 unique writing job categories. Employers need your skills.

So, where should you start your search? More importantly, which in-demand jobs for writers also pay well?

We can help. Let’s get started!

1. Copywriter

Copywriters create content for all kinds of mediums. Businesses seek copywriters for their advertising copy, websites, emails, blog posts, landing pages, brochures, presentations, video scripts, headlines, product descriptions, lead magnets, white papers and more. If you’re good at convincing and persuading people, we’d encourage you to try your luck at copywriting.

Once you’ve honed your copywriting craft, you can earn over $100 per hour. Don’t take our word for it, drop by for real-time data.

2. Editor

Editors provide the critical eye needed to polish writing before publication. They ensure the final piece is free of grammatical and factual errors. To be an editor, you should have solid experience as a writer, as well as mastery of grammar and style. Dual-functioning scanner eyes wouldn’t hurt either!

Editors also oversee content strategies such as content plans, deadlines, and partnerships with writers. Any organization or individual who has a business model built on content would want to hire an editor. Potential clients include authors, magazines, blogs, newspapers and publications.

Full-time editors in the US can earn salaries from $40-90k. Freelance editors generally earn between $25 and $50 per hour.

3. Technical writers

If precision or accuracy is your middle name, technical writing could be the perfect match for you. Technical writing requires you to possess a certain level of subject-area knowledge, but many jobs allow you time and resources to conduct research.

Technical writers work on clear-cut documents such as standard operating procedures, user guides, reference manuals and white papers. The good news is that there’s a shortage of technical writers on the market. Scarcity leads to good pay.

While the starting salary for technical writers in the US is about $43k, experienced technical writers can earn upwards of $100k. Freelancers average about $33 per hour.

4. Content Writer

The internet is peppered with content, and so is the demand for content writers. Content writers provide text used in marketing materials both online and in print.

The best way to set yourself apart from the thousands of other writers out there is to establish your writer ‘voice.’ Are you the fun, quirky and spontaneous content writer sought after by lifestyle magazines? Or the serious, strict and formal writer an education institute would want to hire? Figure it out and go niche on your strength to make the most out of a career in content writing.

With so many content writers in the market, pay can be rather low for these types of jobs. You may need to start small, then raise your rates as you gain recommendations and referrals from past clients.

5. Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter can be any writer, working on any category of writing. What sets them apart is that they don’t seek attribution for their work. Businesses and clients hire them to work for their brands. Famously, Donald Trump hired a ghostwriter for his Art of the Deal book.

You can demand a much higher rate for ghostwriting services compared to other writing gigs. Sometimes even double the going rate for similar articles. It’s a great way to cash in your writing prowess.

$70 per hour isn’t unheard of for ghostwriters. Some often charge on a project basis. Ghostwriters may charge anything from $5k to $100k depending on the length and complexity of the project.

October 21, 2020

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