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Beautiful Bullet Journals

Are you determined to squeeze the most out of every minute of your day? Treat yourself to a beautiful bullet journal!

A designer named Ryder Carroll created the Bullet Journal (BuJo) concept to harness the art of intentional living often hampered by learning disabilities.

Bullet journals simplify journaling, making the process even more effective. The method encourages you to choose words over sentences (rapid logging) and to use bullets rather than paragraphs as the core journaling structure. You can also use symbols to prioritize tasks, mark completion and stay on top of your work. According to Carroll, rapid logging daily and monthly tasks into separate logs helps to “track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” 

Want to give it a try? I’ve compiled a few of the most beautiful bullet journal spreads on Instagram for your viewing enjoyment. Have a look and choose the best ideas to help you start your first bullet journal. 

1.      Mood Tracker Spread

I’m unashamedly biased towards navy blue, so this spread in particular intrigues me. The author uses a color scale to depict mood swings every day of the month. The picture in the middle perfectly captures the color scheme with a minimalist home under the starry night sky. This is an excellent, no-fuss no-frills way to keep track of your mental health.

  2.  Habits Tracker Spread

Consistency is key to cultivating life changing habits, but what better way to track habits than a creative, single-paged monthly overview? I love the simplicity of this bullet spread. Each bullet symbol represents a habit. The designer has vocalized progress with art instead of words.

 3.      Months at a Glance Spread

If time is scarce and design is not your strong suit, use this design concept to keep your bullet journal creative. You need no more than a ruler and kindergarten coloring skills to put this together. The resulting spread displays an overview of how you plan to put your month (and the journal) to best use.

4.   Booklist Spread

Here’s a spread to appease the bookworm in you. Don’t judge a book by a cover, they say, but it’s hard when the covers are this good! Colors are brain fodder, so enhance and organize your list with color coding.

5.      Memories Spread

This is the ideal spread for picture-hoarders like me. Every picture represents a memory and every memorable picture speaks louder than words. Embellish your calendar with a picture to remind you what made the day worth living.

6.      Planting/ Creative Spread

Here’s a bullet journaling spread you can try on your internet sabbath. Project all the minutes saved away from the internet to create a masterpiece of sorts.

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June 6, 2020

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