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Books don’t make money

Books don’t make money.

We’re not supposed to say this, right? Especially as a company who makes a living helping authors sell books!

You can point out exceptions, but the fact remains: Only 1.8% of self-published authors make over $100,000 from their writing. Forbes reported the number went up to just 8.8% for traditionally published authors.

The math is simple. Assume you make about $4 per book. You need to sell 25,000 copies a year to earn $100k — and that’s before expenses. Yet the average US non-fiction book sells less that 250 copies per year. (Inc Magazine)

You can improve your numbers by publishing more books. The Write Practice says 20 is the magic number of books an author needs to publish to make a reliable, livable income.

Twenty! What if you don’t have time to write and publish 20 books?

You aren’t making a living from your books. Yet it is very possible to make a living around your books.

Please, take a moment to book a complimentary strategy call with Kelsye Nelson, founder of Gutsy Creatives. Once you describe your publishing goals and the kind of work you want to put out into the world, she’ll share a well-matched idea for an offering you may create to dramatically increase your income.

Not every author is the same. Some books naturally lend themselves to products like online courses or consultant services. Others may pair well with bundles that include workbooks or journals. Some authors make great candidates for teaching or speaking opportunities.

Our mission is to help you grow your audience and earn a living from your work so that you can craft the exact life you want to live. This includes making a comfortable income from work that you love and control 100%. Our call may lead to us work together. Or it may simply give you a spark that inspires the next step in your author journey. It’s a win no matter what!

P.S. If you want our help growing your author business and could use the direct support of a dedicated team of professionals, now is the time to join the Author Success Accelerator. We’re offering a RIDICULOUSLY good deal to our first cohort. Full details here.


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August 21, 2022

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