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Find Podcasts That Want to Interview YOU

Did you know that there was a month in time that the city of San Diego almost drowned due to a bad hire from city officials? We didn’t, but after a brief 25 mins. listening to a podcast, now we do. With the total number of podcasts skimming the 2,000,000 mark (those are some serious zeros), they’re an effective avenue for you & your product to chase after.

Below we’ll discuss some useful podcast directories & online outreach tracking tools made to aid in your search of finding the right podcasts that want YOU.


If you’re looking for a simple list of podcast ranked by popularity, then Chartable is a great choice. This well-know directory features a simplistic homepage where you can easily navigate to view data collected on Apple, Google and Spotify. Within each you are then able to view the streaming site’s most popular podcasts based off country & genre.

Chartable also offers full-marketing services and analytical reviews for a monthly investment if you’re in need of an in-depth view of your genre for advertising or publishing.


Known as “the IMDb of podcasting,” Podchaser provides the most user-friendly method of discovering, listening, and connecting to podcasts. Each page offers community reviews, best episodes, and even the ability to connect and learn more about the show creators.

Podchaser’s Pro version gives users similar features as other with analytical data, but also provides the direct contact information for each show, which many do not publicly provide. We recommend requesting a demo first to see if their services fits your needs.

Listen Notes

For a quick method in building a list of podcasts, Listen Notes’s basic search-bar approach and results system is the easiest out there – and free(!). Just by typing in a keyword, its database will provide you results that can be broken down by episodes, podcasts, curated lists, playlists and interviews that feature the keyword. It’s basically Google, but for podcasts! From there you can see detailed transcripts, listen to the show, etc. We love the tool they provide to also export a .csv file of that information.

What makes Listen Notes unique to us is its ‘classifieds’ section that offers podcasts to directly reach out to the public for sponsors, guests, co-hosts and more. Which we find extremely useful for someone looking to guest on a show (like you!).

Melanie Howard

Melanie Howard is Gutsy’s other resident nerd, and proud of it! From growing up in WA state she love’s her time in the rain and also the warmth of a good cup of tea inside while playing her current video game with her cat Camaro by her side. She also has a love for creating art, learning everything about marketing, collecting too many beauty products and changing her hair color monthly.

December 7, 2021

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