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How to Decorate Your Home Office

Did you know that the design and aesthetics of your home office can do wonders to your productivity? If done right, the energy will seep into your system and set the right mood for a positive workday!

Since remote work is not new to our Gutsy Team working from different parts of the world, we’ve put together a few interesting tips to decorate home offices.

Happy decorating!

1.  Color-code your space.

Color coding your space to fit your personal identity reinforces a sense of calm and belonging. If you identify yourself as a minimalist, opt in for no more than 3 colors and swathe your office in them. But if you’re all-black lover, we encourage you to take a bold step and add a splash of color to bolster energy and creativity.

2. Select a View

Position your home office to overlook your garden, city skyscrapers, or just about anything that isn’t a wall. From a design point of view, the live background will add its own twist to your office. The added health advantage of being able to stare at something nearly 20 feet away from your desktop screen is far more valuable. Taking a moment to stare off into the distance every twenty minutes or so can save your eyesight.

3. Install a Chalkboard

I love starting my day with a quote that speaks to me. A chalkboard helps me keep up with all my favorite quotes. It also helps me get creative with my thinking. I use the board to let my mind run rampant before I try to dissect my ideas into priorities and tasks. What’s more, chalkboards add a nostalgic vintage spin to your home office décor.

4. Use shapes

Shapes have always been a wonderful element of design. Why not make the most of graphic shapes in your home office too? Shapes may be used to create a sense of organization or to reinforce a theme. Here’s a beautiful Pinterest post to help you get started.

5. Vertical Space

If floor space is scarce, scale skywards. Install a few shelves and get creative with the vertical space on the wall. This helps exaggerate the limited space in your home office and lift your spirits up. Adding vertical storage or design elements helps your space feel more expansive and open.

July 9, 2020

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