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How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest (With Outreach Email Template!)

Podcasts! Heard of them? When first being used, IPods were forever changing the way we were able to listen to music anywhere we go. Now in the 2021, the ‘Pod’ has transcended in time to many forms of streaming devices offering tremendous value to our quality of life in many more ways than just grooving to our favorite song.

Of those ways, Podcasts emerged, and now dominate the media world with 160+ million Americans listeners accounted for – compared to the mere 11 million in 2006.

In past posts we’ve provided valuable tips on creating your own podcast and the successful long-term benefits you can gain, but the biggest value always available is your expertise knowledge that can be provided to other podcasts. By just being yourself and having a conversation brings many benefits – like gaining new fans, advertising your product, and expanding your online presence. With our below breakdown and free outreach message template, you’ll be well on your way to 🌟guest-starring🌟 in some of the best shows out there!

What are YOUR people listening too?

Finding who your audience is and what they’re listening to plays a key role in beginning the search of what podcasts you’d like to be on. Are a good majority of your social media followers using the same hashtags? Just a few clicks into those can tell you what subjects they’re interested in – and also providing important keywords to search for podcasts by!

Also consider podcasts in your niche genre that you’re already listening to! You’ll naturally bring in an authentic voice to your outreach to them – bettering the chances of gaining their interest in having you on the episode.

Sift, Select & Shout!

Okay, so please don’t actually ‘shout’ at the podcast host. That won’t get you anywhere near being on the show.

After making a list of podcast prospects, sift through and decide which ones offer the best chances of bringing value to your time and effort in this process. Most podcast hosting services will offer the show’s reviews, ratings and websites links that can help you decide their worth to you. Remember though that a podcast host cannot tell you how many listeners they have, but can provide info on the amount of streams collected. Also, consider a brief listening of a few episodes to see if the host(s) manner of interview suits your own communication style.

During this step towards finding podcasts, selecting the good ol’ ‘low-handing fruit’ can be easy way to landing a spot on a show. Search out shows that are coming out of local cities, colleges, and other genre-specific communities nearest you. That local comradery can be that deciding ‘yes’ factor in offering you a spot on an episode.

SHOUT! Message Template *FREE*

Now that you’ve made your list (and saved it into a excel/GoogleDoc document!) it’s time to start reaching out. Turn on your charm and make sure to convey who you are & what you can offer (discounted products, social media followers, education) to the podcast and their listeners briefly as possible. We highly recommend giving your email less of a ‘template’-feel by including a few sentences specific to the show; note a similar guest they’ve had or a topic they’ve discuss.

See below for a customizable first email template just for our readers!

Hello !

May name is and I . Recently I’ve noticed many of my fans interest in your podcast show, . Your episode about is very relatable to me and my .

I would love to be able to speak to you about a possibility of us sharing a conversation on episode of together in a discussion I think many of my followers would love to tune into!

Hello Subspace Radio,

May name is Uhura and I am the author of Fashion in Space: One Planet at a Time. Recently I’ve noticed many of my fans interest in your podcast show, Subspace Radio. Your episode about breaking into the space career with Captain Janeway and her time as captain really hit home for me – reminding me of my 5 yr. career in seeking out new life in unknown space.

I would love to be able to speak to you personally about a possibility of us sharing a conversation on episode of Subspace Radio together in a discussion I think my many followers would love to tune into! | Com address 3475.89

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Nyota Uhura

Also consider sending your message in other formats rather than email! A recorded audio or video message can leave a lasting impression on a podcast host, and it also gives them a preview of how you’d be heard on the show.

Follow Up

Once you’ve sent your initial messages, give them around a week or longer (no more than two) to brew. Follow up with those you haven’t heard back from with a quick nudge via email to get you back at eye-level in their inbox. We suggest anything after these first messages to be sent few weeks later to avoid being spammy.

If you’ve gotten responses, that’s great! Reply back even if they say no. If they do book you, remember to share the podcast’s info & link to to episode to your followers prior and after the episode. This can be a valuable way to convert their followers to become one of your own as well.

Melanie Howard

Melanie Howard is Gutsy’s other resident nerd, and proud of it! From growing up in WA state she love’s her time in the rain and also the warmth of a good cup of tea inside while playing her current video game with her cat Camaro by her side. She also has a love for creating art, learning everything about marketing, collecting too many beauty products and changing her hair color monthly.

July 7, 2022

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