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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is just as real as climate change. It’s easy to deny, but not as easy to avoid.

Don’t beat yourself up for not producing words. Try beating the writers’ block instead with these easy-peasy steps.

  • Read, Read, Read.

Reading manifests itself into writing. It taps into your creative reserves and signals your brain to pick up a pen. Most writer’s trace their writer’s block to wavering reading habits. Fix it by curling up with the best books from your writing genre.

  • Stay Creative.

Failing to type away your creativity doesn’t signify a loss of creativity. And writing is not the only way to stay creative. Get your hands busy with a paintbrush, or with one of the hundred dozen of creative projects. Perhaps start by making a wonderful DIY bookmark.

  • Write Your Frustrations Away

Is writer’s block stopping you from meeting your writing goals? Curse it. Type your frustrations away. Being able to articulate your feelings is key. The more you understand this phase, the easier it gets to counter it.

  • Take it Easy.

Taking it easy might feel like the last thing you can do, especially when it leads to unpaid bills and a pile of work. However, it is super important to remind yourself that you are only human, and that it’s okay to fall behind.

  • Spend time with Nature.

Green inspires creativity. There’s evidence supporting it. Invite greenery into your life, even if you live in the middle of a bustling city. Go for a daily walk in a park, ride out or discover a hideout.

Creativity will start trickling in.

March 3, 2021

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