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How to Revive Your Creative Spark

Creativity is like life: it ebbs and flows. Sometimes, even a howling wind can carry a nugget of creative wisdom. At other times, not even our favorite books can summon our creative spirits.

Can this be our fate? Can we let creativity run away from us, right when we need it most?

Creativity, in its essence, is untamed and wild. We can’t totally control our creative reserves, but we can learn to summon them at will.

Here are three ways to do it:

  1. Mine Your Memory for Inspiration

Revisiting your best ideas serves as a great starting point. It has worked for me every time. I even know parts of my best work by heart.

Start off with a self-assessment to understand what was different back then. What were your sources of inspiration? Was it a piece of work or an individual you looked up to? Take notes. List the elements that inspired you. Then seek ways to introduce those elements back into your life.

2. Don’t Deviate from Your Voice

We are often deluded into thinking we should write or create in a “certain way” to get our points across. While standards are necessary for improved communication, total conformity is far from effective. In fact, the creative industry thrives on unique voices.

It’s easy to get drowned in a sea of voices. The more unique your voice is, the less noisy it gets, and the greater the chances of you being heard.

3. Develop Focused Self-Discipline

To light a spark, you need to rub two stones together. Similarly, self-discipline and intense focus need to come together to light your creative spark. Some of the greatest authors practiced the discipline of writing every day to pick up momentum. They are living proof that refining your craft through repetition can lead to mastery.

January 27, 2021

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