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Meet the Feline Friends that Inspire the Authors You Love

Cats, in their own independent and introverted way, make great author companions. From Charles Dickens to Edgar Allan Poe, authors have shared a special bond with cats.

So it’s little wonder to find that author social media feeds are overtaken by their beloved cats. As ailurophiles ourselves, we couldn’t help but dedicate a special post to our feline friends.

1. Güs PonPon

When a cat has its own Instagram account, we had to find out where all that love was coming from.

2. Biscotti

Bicotti, when not busy appearing in Yudhanjaya’s tweets, likes to curl up and chill.

Also, it’s unclear whose favorite food she was named after.

3. Luna and Loki

Melanie Benjamin has a handful of cats and they summon her athourly wit through Instagram posts.

4. Maisie

Turns out (not surprisingly) Beatriz Williams’s rescue cat inspired the character “Sandy” in her book Her Last Flight.

5. Puffin

Hazel Gaynor hinted that Puffin could be writing her next novel!

January 10, 2021

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