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Neil Patel’s 3 Best SEO Techniques

Neil Patel was only fifteen years old when he began his career. He went on to become a New York Times bestselling author, a Wall Street Journal top internet influencer, a Forbes top-ten marketer, and the founder of Entrepreneur magazine’s one of the most brilliant companies in the world.

His tried-and-tested techniques are avidly used by serious marketers. We love these three of his best SEO techniques yet.

1. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages

Neil Patel considers SEO-optimized landing pages as gateways for search traffic. A professionally designed landing page needs compelling copy, long-tail keywords and an appealing call-to-action.

Such a page can generate backlinks to your site as people link to them and share them on social media.

Business sites with 10 to 15 landing pages get 55% more conversions than those with fewer than 10.

Amazingly, sites flaunting more than 40 landing pages see a whopping 500% more conversions! The more the merrier.

2. Gray Hat SEO

Neil Patel believes in playing the long game with SEO and recommends using Gray Hat SEO techniques: a combination of White Hat SEO tactics that follow search-engine rules and Black Hat methods, which are short-term, aggressive and disregard the human element.

Gray Hat SEO techniques are riskier, but the payoff is higher than using pure White Hat.

Some Gray Hat techniques are:

  • Leveraging search-engine rewards for long-form content by adding 1,000 words of content to your homepage and articles.
  • Ethically using negative SEO such as reporting your rivals for shady SEO.
  • Buying expired domains to redirect traffic to your site.
  • Updating content frequently to improve the “freshness” of content.
  • Creating high-value doorway pages.
  • Using for social bookmarking.
  • Creating microsites to give your main site high-quality backlinks.

3. Link to External Sites with High Domain Authority

Win over Google’s overall trustworthiness by linking your content to high authority sites. We just did!

Neil Patel suggests using Alltop to help locate sites along with recent content published by them. Once done, take a step further and reach out to these sites and ask them for a chance to link back to your content.


Shafeeka Hafeez

Shafeeka Hafeez grew up escaping into a world of books where she discovered a love for writing and a fascination with trees. When she’s not taking up a new marketing skill, or typing out a blog post, you can find her Googling the best therapy for abandoned cats.

June 20, 2021

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