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Top 5 Self-Publishing Challenges: 2018 Survey Results

We recently released a self-publishing survey, asking writers to identify their top two publishing challenges.

Over 300 writers replied. The Gutsy team identified five top areas where writers struggle with self-publishing. Here’s the top reported concerns and a sampling of the comments.

(Thanks to all that replied! It’s not too late. You can still participate.)

#1 Concern: Book marketing

“How do I get advance reviews and have a successful book launch. I don’t want my friends and family to be the only people buying my book on the first week.”

“Marketing how-to’s (best practices) and what to avoid.”

“How will people know about the book?”

#2 Concern: HOW to self-publish (technical and practical aspects)

“How to find freelancers to help (i.e. proofreading, art/cover design, etc.), how to pay and when to ask for help.”

“What are the ebook formatting specifics for the different options e.g. Kindle?”

“How do I get my book on Amazon? What about printed books?”

#3 Concern: Costs

“How much money should I expect to pay for editors, layout, cover before self-publishing and then after for marketing, printing and so on?”

“I need to self-publish my book for under $1,000. Is that possible?”

“How much money should I spend to get my books pre-printed?”

#4 Concern: Creating a professional-quality book

“How can I ensure my self-published book is created with the same quality editing, design, and production that we see from publishing houses?”

“Is self-publishing still seen as less reputable than going through a big publisher?”

“I don’t want my book to LOOK like it was self-published. How do I make sure it doesn’t look like a vanity project?”

#5 Concern: Writing the manuscript

“Is it better to have a complete tight story or show different potential directions a plot or character arch can go to broaden appeal?”

“I can’t seem to get past 20,000 words. My book will never be finished. Need help!”

“I’ve lost steam half-way through my novel. I don’t want to give it up, but I don’t know how to keep going.”


Because of the responses received, we added a whole new marketing module to our self-publishing course. Plus, we created a bonus pack of resources to help you finish writing your book.

The self-publishing course addresses all these questions (and many more) CLICK HERE to see everything in the self-publishing class.

Thanks again to those of you that answered the survey. You really helped us improve the class!

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March 29, 2020

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