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Weird Habits of 4 Famous Writers

Writers are just as intriguing as their characters. They are oddballs and creative spirits who see the world differently than the rest.

If anything, take a look at these weird habits of four famous writers.

1. Charles Dickens Always Slept Facing North

Charles Dickens carried a compass with him—just so he could sleep facing The North. He believed the electrical currents of the earth helped elevate his creativity and cure insomnia. Some of his greatest works, however, were a product of his inability to sleep. His ideas kept him awake as he paced the streets of London in the dead of night.

2. Virginia Woolf Wrote Standing Up

Virginia Woolf liked to write while upright. Her desk was about three feet six inches high with a sloping top, tall enough for her to stand as she penned her most creative work—a remarkable feat for a woman with an extensive writing career. Standing desks now serve as an inspiration for authors (and prices have come way down!).

3. Dr. Seuss Wore a Hat When Creatively Blocked

Dr. Seuss is famed for his weird hats, which he believed inspired his literary prowess. He had an entire closet full of hats and even worked one into his most famous, timeless, and beloved children’s beginner reading book The Cat in the Hat.

Hats off to Dr. Seuss for figuring out how to beat writer’s block!

4. Agatha Christie Feverishly Munched Apples in the Bath

Agatha Christie is hands down one of the most iconic mystery writers ever. Her books have sold an estimated two billion copies. Ever wondered from where she drew her inspirations? It could be from something as weird as eating apples while bathing. She reportedly plotted her murder mysteries during those munching sessions.

One of Christie’s characters, a mystery novelist named Mrs. Adriane Oliver, is also quite fond of apples.

February 13, 2021

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