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Where to Work as a Content Writer

Are you a freelance content writer just getting your feet wet? If yes, start your career with the good news that pressing all the right buttons will certainly earn you more money than your tedious day job. On average, a content writer can earn about $24.70 per hour. But you can start off with an hourly rate of at least $15 USD, and eventually climb up the ladder to earn $100 USD or more.

For a newbie, where to find content writer jobs could be the biggest challenge. Then comes the challenge of landing on the first freelancer writer job. Finding the right platform, however, will put most of your worries to rest. Here are the top 5 websites for content writing jobs that would help you get started.


  1. Upwork


Before oDesk and Elance merged to form Upwork in 2013, nobody had seen a better, bigger and more professional freelance platform. As of today, it has over 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients, facilitating freelancing jobs worth $1 billion USD each year. It carries the most number of content writer jobs as well. Signing up for Upwork could take a few days. They would run your profile through a screening process and wouldn’t hesitate to reject it if they find your skills too common, or not fit for the job. While it could be frustrating, you get the assurance of professionalism on Upwork.


  1. Fiverr


You don’t have to be a freelancer to have heard of Fiverr. It is, by far, the most popular freelance website of all, and provides a good number of opportunities for content writers. A job is called a ‘gig’ on Fiverr, and most freelancers are ready to sell their services even for $5 USD. Sign up for free and start small, then eventually receive enough ratings to earn more.


  1. Com has more users than any other freelance platforms. Anybody can sign up without a hassle, and start bidding immediately. However, they urge you for membership updates, and doing so would help you land on jobs quite easily. But be aware of scammers. Avoid taking up jobs outside of the website unless the client has proven himself worthy of your trust.


  1. People Per Hour


People Per Hour is a fast-growing freelance platform with endless opportunities for personal growth. Once you sign up, don’t hesitate to spend a copious amount of time perfecting your profile without over-egging it. Craft fresh applications addressing each job specification and if possible find out the name of the client to address him. Don’t overbid, or bid an amount too low.


  1. Guru


With over 3 million members, Guru has made its way into our list mainly because of its ease of use. Any newbie will find its structure simple and easy to navigate. It is also less competitive, specially for a native English speaking writer. The fees charged by the site is relatively cheaper as well.


Useful Tips for a Newbie


Before you sign up on any freelance website for content writer jobs, identify your skill set, and specialize in one of them instead of advertising yourself as a know-it-all. Don’t plainly call yourself a content writer. Use captions like ‘Expert Beauty Writer, SEO Specialist, Experienced Health and Beauty Writer.’ This will help you stand out from the crowd and attract clients looking for a content writer with a specific content on mind.


Be different. Go through top rated content writer accounts on each site to get a clear idea of where you are heading. But don’t copy their formats or style. Creativity is the key in a niche like content writing. Master it.

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March 1, 2020

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