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Writers and the Dogs They Love

Did you know that inspiration can come in a package that woofs? Great authors agree!

Here’s a glimpse into hilarious and adorable author pets that are just as famous as their owners!

1. Molly (aka the Thing of Evil)

Stephen King shares a special bond with Molly, whom he lovingly refers to as the Thing of Evil.

We couldn’t help but wonder if all the evil in his recent books were Molly’s doing. . . or if Molly inspired the hardcover of If It Bleeds. 

What do you think?

2. Winston

Busted! Dan Brown knows Winston is the only reason we follow him on social media!

Sorry, Dan Brown. As much as we like your Robert Langdon series, you keep us waiting too long, and Winston is just adorable.

Sending a virtual hug!

3. Tank

Kim Perell calls “Tank,” her 210-pound English Mastiff, her favorite working companion. Tank looks like he loves Perell’s business advice.

Or is Tank the one giving Perell business advice? We are confused.

4. Pip

Francesca Serritella says Pip is her “tiny sun who radiates more light, love, and joy than could seemingly fit in his little body.

And we think that’s the cutest thing we’ve heard anyone call their dog.

5. Wilkie Collins

Jess Kidd loves documenting the special relationship her dog, Wilkie Collins, has with socks. . . even muddy ones 😳.

Perhaps Wilkie could help Jess add a book titled “The Horrors of Muddy Socks” to her growing collection of mystery thrillers.

6. Goldie

Looks like author Sarah Joe has an extra pair of hands (paws) helping her out during quarantine.

A Gold(i)en pair of hands at that. How cute!

February 21, 2021

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