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9 Effective Tech Tools for Remote Work

Remote work opens a gateway to freedom. However, without the structure of an office environment, an abundance of distractions may leave you feeling disorganized and less productive.

The Gutsy team has been working remotely for a long time now. We support our freedom-of-location through tech tools. These tools make our work and life so much easier and more effective.

Here are our top 9 picks of tech tools to make working from home more productive.

1. Asana

Asana is our go-to app for organizing tasks and managing our work. With Asana, you only need a quick sweep of your eyes to know what your tasks are and when they fall due. It helps keep track of all work and maintains both privacy and transparency of tasks as you see fit.

You can also appreciate team work and track progress of your targets with Asana premium.

2. Slack

The key to staying on top of important business messages is separating them from your personal communication channels.

Slack helps keep all your business communications in one place. Assign priority levels for conversations, team up for projects and work seamlessly in your own cubicle and with colleagues.

3. G-Suite for Business

G-Suite is Google’s own version of an online workplace, meant to make remote working a breeze. It’s one of the best tools anyone can have at their disposal, mainly because it’s both multi functional and incredibly easy to use.

Consumers can use its basic version for free. Businesses that need enterprise features such as a custom email domain, unlimited cloud storage, additional administrative and marketing tools, and around the clock support can opt in for the premium version.

4. Evernote

Keeping track of your online research can be a daunting task. Evernote helps make it easier. It’s a software tailored for note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving in a few simple clicks.

Clip everything from videos to images to pages and even important phrases on the go.

5. Zoom

Zoom is a new verb in remote working. Chances are, no introductions are necessary—your team could already be using Zoom.

6. Dropbox

Sharing files back and forth can be a nightmare, especially when multiple team members work together from different locations. Dropbox rescues you from getting lost in a sea of files. You can revise any document from anywhere and sync it to Dropbox, allowing teams to always have the latest version to work on.

7. Toggl

Track your time, even if you aren’t getting paid for hourly work.

Remote work can challenge your self-discipline and your ability to sit through a task for extended periods of time. Breaking your work down to chunks and tracking them allows you to understand where you stand in terms of personal productivity goals.

Toggl by far is the best one we have tried. And it’s free!

8. VPN

Have hackers stolen your online credentials? Getting yourself a VPN is the first step of protecting your privacy online. We talk more about online security here.

9. Canva

For those of us who can’t design anything but a stick man, Canva is an answer to our prayers. If your work involves getting a quick design fixed, you won’t regret investing in Canva pro.

November 1, 2020

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