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Opportunities for Writers in the Video Game Industry

Content is currency, and writers are welcome everywhere.

If you’re a writer who grew up with a penchant for video games, you’re in luck. There’s no shortage of opportunities for you!

The video game boom has turned the industry into a goldmine for writers. Now more than ever, video game writers are in high demand.

Get your feet wet with these opportunities.

  1. Video Game Writer/ Scriptwriter

Video game writers are responsible for creating the game structure. They work closely with developers and designers to write scripts and storylines. Creating characters and describing the game narrative are all part of their role.

According to Darby McDevitt, a leading scriptwriter for Assassin’s Creed, the best way to land gigs as scriptwriter is to impress potential clients with some of your own games. Get help from tools such as GameMaker and Unity 3D. Pulling together a small fiction portfolio would also be a huge bonus.

2. Video Game Blogger

Being a video game blogger means staying on top of the video game industry and feeding the relentless curiosity of gamers. This may include anything from game reviews to walkthroughs, analysis and breaking news about new and popular games.

You can also spice it up by conducting your own research and interviewing professionals such as game developers and leading players in the industry. Experiment and learn on the go.

Once you build a considerable amount of traffic, learn from the pros about monetizing your blog.

3. Gaming Copywriter

Gaming companies hire copywriters as part of their marketing process. Copywriters are key to driving sales. They cover anything and everything from sales pages to in-game text and tutorials, instruction manuals, and promotional materials such as sales and newsletters.

The job of a gaming copywriter is more expansive and in-depth than a social media writer. However, small companies merge both job roles and look for one single hire.

4. Social Media Writer

If you have a knack for disrupting the daily scroll with creative content, you’d be an ideal fit for the role of Social Media Writer.

Large gaming companies are conscious of their social media presence. Help them stay relevant with social media updates on events, releases, news and gaming tips.

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Shafeeka Hafeez

Shafeeka Hafeez grew up escaping into a world of books where she discovered a love for writing and a fascination with trees. When she’s not taking up a new marketing skill, or typing out a blog post, you can find her Googling the best therapy for abandoned cats.

May 3, 2021

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