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The Benefits of Public Libraries And Digital Lending For Indie Authors

That bookstore you used to haunt as a child now sells more books through their online site than through the …

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The Importance of Being A Podcast Guest As An Author

Writers are mostly introverts, preferring to type away at their laptop screens in the solitude of their own homes than …

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Amazon Pre-Orders: Everything You Need to Know

A successful pre-order campaign can make or break the reputation and sales of your book. Especially for new authors who …

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Hosting Online Book Events for Maximum Engagement

Online book launches, once the pandemic struck, became much more convenient to organize and host, while also giving the opportunity …

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The Importance of Self-Editing Before You Hire a Professional

We’re often averse to re-reading our own work. It takes a great deal of effort to go through your manuscript …

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What is Hybrid Publishing and When to Use it

When it comes to publishing, it’s not always a choice between traditional publishing and self-publishing. For new authors uncertain about …

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