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Why Every Blogger Should Have a Guest Blogger Strategy

The blogging ecosystem has grown, but its readership has dispersed. Is the hyper-competition eating up the eyeballs on your posts? …

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Finish Writing Your Book in One of These Secret Hideouts

Do you dream of a getaway where you can focus solely on your writing? Perhaps finish that novel that’s been …

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Meet the Pets that Inspire the Authors You Love

Dec 20,20by Shafeeka

Did you know that inspiration can come in a package that woofs? Great authors agree! Here’s a glimpse into hilarious …

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Are Self-Published Books as Good as Traditionally Published Books?

Self-publishing has come a long way, but is it a good solution for authors with high expectations? How do self-published …

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How to Overcome the Writer’s Block

The writer’s block is just as real as climate change. It’s easy to deny, but not as easy to avoid. …

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5 Quotes by J. R. R. Tolkien to Make You a Better Writer

Looking for some authorly wisdom from Middle Earth? You’ve landed in the right place. Just like the author himself, J. …

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