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How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest (With Outreach Email Template!)

Podcasts! Heard of them? When first being used, IPods were forever changing the way we were able to listen to …

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Kindle Direct Publishing: What You Need to Know

There’s no denying that Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has revolutionized the world of ebook publishing, currently claiming nearly 80% …

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5 Questions to Ask Before Self-Publishing Your Book

Unlike writing, marketing a novel is not wholly within your control. But there are techniques you can deploy to stand …

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How to Build an Authentic Fanbase in Our Virtual World

Most authors dutifully post their beautifully-designed graphics on their social media pages advertising their upcoming release and then sit back, …

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Julia Bouwsma on Promoting Small Press Poetry Books

Julia Bouwsma is the author of two poetry collections, Work by Bloodlight (Cider Press Review, 2017) and Midden (Fordham University …

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4 Easy Ways to Use Canva for Social Media Posts

Canva has taken the indie-publishers world by storm with its easy (and affordable) design interface that even the most unexperienced …

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