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Why do Indie Authors Use Pseudonyms?

During the era of the Bronte sisters, getting published as female writers was a struggle and their work were rarely …

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A Short Guide to Unpublishing, Republishing and Updating Your Book

There are numerous reasons that you, as an author, would want to unpublish your book and republish it later, as …

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Conquering the Fears of Self-Promotion

The fear of promoting yourself can sometimes be crippling. How often have you held back from sharing that glowing review …

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These 4 Mistakes Will Plummet Your Book Sales!

Selling a book is hard. As is widely accepted, it is a tiring and time consuming process that has no …

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3 Famous Authors Who Almost Failed During Their Writing Careers

Sometimes, every sentence you manage to write takes a little bit of you with it—a little bit of your energy, …

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Should You Hire a Publicist?

Planning the launch of your book? Hiring a publicist can be expensive. It can cost you anywhere between $8,000 to …

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